Am cugetat cum sa numesc topicul pentru ca in post nu e vorba despre rasism clasic, ci desore tenta noua, condusa de frica, impotriva a tot ce arata arab. Pentru ca, alarma, alarma, poate fi vorba de terorism.
Typecast as a terrorist

Stereotipurile s-au schimbat in timp:

As children in the 1980s, when my brother and I were stopped near our home by a skinhead who decided to put a knife to my brother’s throat, we were black. A decade later, the knife to my throat was held by another “Paki”, a label we wore with swagger in the Brit-Asian youth and gang culture of the 1990s. The next time I found myself as helplessly cornered, it was in a windowless room at Luton airport. My arm was in a painful wrist-lock and my collar pinned to the wall by British intelligence officers. It was “post 9/11”, and I was now labelled a Muslim.


As I’ve travelled more, I’ve also done more film work, increasing the chances of being recognised by the young Asian staff at Heathrow. I have had my films quoted back at me by someone rifling through my underpants, and been asked for selfies by someone swabbing me for explosives.

Interesant cum se vede el vs. realitatea sociala in UK si USA:

Producers all said they wanted to work with me, but they had nothing I could feasibly act in. The stories that needed to be told in the multicultural mid-2000s were about the all-white mid-1700s, it seemed. I heard rumours that the Promised Land was not in Britain at all, but in Hollywood.

The reason for this is simple. America uses its stories to export a myth of itself, just like the UK. The reality of Britain is vibrant multiculturalism, but the myth we export is an all-white world of lords and ladies. Conversely, American society is pretty segregated, but the myth it exports is of a racial melting-pot, everyone solving crimes and fighting aliens side by side.

Interesant articol. Mi-a placut tare mult diferenta culturala pe care o simte el dintre ce exporta America si ce are de fapt versus Marea Britanie. :wink: misto.

Pe de alta parte traim niste vremuri care nu sunt usoare pentru nici unii dintre noi. Imi pot imagina ca procedurile din aeroporturi sunt si mai obositoare si poate, umilitoare, pentru cei care au un anumit profil. Desi procedurile sunt lipsite de umanitate sunt totusi necesare…mai ales daca ne gandim la cati au iesit si intrat in anumite tari cu ganduri nu tocmai oneste.
Si cred ca va trece mult timp pana cand acest profiling va disparea. Desi din punctul meu de vedere procedura de la aeroport nu are nimic de-a face cu rasismul ci doar cu pragmatismul si eficientizarea unor masuri de securitate.
In plus, cand ai pasaport cu stampile din tari cu alarma pusa pe ele…pai cred ca ai cam injura autoritatile daca s-ar face ca ploua. S-au mai facut si francezii ca ploua, ca sa nu intre in probleme de rasism si am vazut ce s-a intamplat :frowning:

Ma uitam cand m-am intors din Italia in Londra ca erau trasi pe dreapta majoritar numai asiatici (din cate am putut eu sa presupun, chinezi). Cat am stat pe scaun langa dugheana lor unde erau astia scotociti si interogati, pe cuvant daca a fost unul care la verificatul boccelutei sa nu aiba la el teancuri-teancuri de dolari. Ca ma gandeam ca deja era asa o faza de Tarantino :joy: In prima faza chinezii ff nervosi si revoltati…cand ajungeau la desfacut bagajul de mana se trecea la fata tot mai palida.

Ah, si la ultima calatorie, eram in Heathrow si mai aveam inca o ora si jumatate pana sa decolez. Terminasem si cu mancatul si cumparaturile si amortisem pe scaun asa ca am luat agale la picior terminalul. In pas asa de plimbare precum o baba…mai cascam gura intr-o vitrina, ma mai opream sa beau niste apa…la vita e bella fara scop. Dupa 10 min de pasul furnicii si cu gandurile mele, m-am trezit cu un angajat al aeroportului rasarit ca din senin langa mine. M-a intrebat ce fac si daca ma poate ajuta cu ceva, ca ma vede cam pierduta :joy: I-am zis ca nu ma poate ajuta cu nimic, multumesc, ma plimb doar pentru ca sunt plictisita. M-a intrebat unde zbor, a mai trancanit doua minute si apoi mi-a zis unde pot sa gasesc si locul de fumat. Deci tind sa cred ca omul isi facuse si el un oaresce profiling pentru ca atrasesem atentia cu lipsa mea totala de scop.
Pe cuvantul meu de onoare insa, ca ala a fost momentul in care mi s-a mai pus un +10 la increderea in autoritati. Ma astept sa isi faca treaba si sa caste ochii si urechile, chit ca poate ma deranjeaza sau ma suspecteaza pe nedrept. Suntem cu totii in oala asta de nebunie si mai bine ma iriti avand suspiciuni nefondate decat sa ma lasi sa trec la liber si pe mine si pe cine stie ce nebun cu ganduri grandomane dupa moarte.


Cam asa este. Frica de a nu avea stampila de rasist perpetueaza niste obiceiuri care nu au ce sa caute intr-o societate democratica si moderna.

"It’s that our concern for the victims of FGM is, for the most part, trumped by our extreme reluctance to criticise another culture. In the case of drowned migrant children, we can attack our own government — a happy and popular pastime. To share the story about FGM in the UK means taking issue not just with evil Tories, but with the Somali diaspora in London. Is this racist? The question forms and hangs over us. We stay silent.

A similar silence fell over the usually opinionated middle classes during the Rotherham scandal in which thousands of white girls were groomed, tortured and raped by men from the British-Pakistani community. Where was the great fuss on Facebook about that? The same people who mind so much, and so visibly, about migrant children, barely turned a hair."

“After 12 British Pakistanis from Bradford were jailed for gang-raping a 13-year-old, their elected councillor, Zafar Ali, responded by saying that many in the Pakistani community still believe ‘it takes two to tango’ and this child ‘played her part’.”

Students at the University of California, Berkeley held a day of protest on Friday to demand the creation of additional “safe spaces” for transgender and nonwhite students, during which a human chain was formed on a main campus artery to prevent white students from getting to class.

Eu ma intreb daca se mai face si ceva scoala pe la marile universitati.